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So someone on Reddit had posted this line as a “writing assignment” of sorts. I found I almost immediately was captivated into a story within my own mind.. Journey along as Reddit decides if this story gets longer than its chapter 1 introduction…





This is the line:

“A character in your dream insists that they’re the real you and want their body back.”


Chapter 1

The first of my last.
Let me begin by stating that, for my age, I’ve never been a believer of things “paranormal.” However given the events going on recently, I’m unsure if I can honestly say that I’m still of a mind to make such decisions.

I’ve been having the oddest dream. At first, I was going to dismiss it as being just a memory of something vague passing it’s way through my subconscious, to be written over by some new, more meaningful event. But then it wouldn’t stop. I’ve decided to start keeping a journal, and perhaps document it in the style of a book. Who knows, with the way that things go viral these days, I may just intrigue some curious occult reader.


June 9th, 2014

I had that dream again. I remember it vaguely, probably because I opted to shower before writing down what memories I had. But today I go back to work after my accident, and being late was not an option!

The way it starts is always the same, so I’ll outline this and we’ll see if I can catch up again, though hopefully not too soon.

I find myself walking down an aisle in my local grocery store. I’m shopping for what seems like only a few seconds when I see him. We don’t look alike, and quite frankly at first glance he makes no impressions on my memory, though he seems to know exactly who I am. In the dream, I feel ashamed. Though I had begun to think it was for having forgotten his name, I soon realize that the feeling emanates far deeper as he quickly makes his way down the long fluorescent lit aisle in my direction, almost in a full sprint. I honestly thought that he was going to hit me, but what he does do is far worse.

The dialogue is only starting to become clear, but from what I recall, he looks at me, furious and says:


“David, you’ve had your fun!

I want to go home.”


My name is Sergio, and I haven’t a clue who he is. Though since that rock-climbing accident a few weeks ago, I don’t really remember much about my past. Come to think of it, before the doctor read my name from my chart, I had thought myself to be a “David” but the photo on my ID matches, so clearly it’s to do with the subconscious. This comforts me and leads me to believe that maybe he’s just a coworker?

It’s late in the morning now, I should head to work.


June 17th, 2014

It’s the most vivid dream I’ve ever had with the man. This time, unlike any of the other dreams I recall, we were in front of a school. Almost as soon as I was there, I felt compelled to walk into the building, and straight into the classroom at the end of the right hand hallway. The school is a single-level building, I remember it well, as I spent my entire childhood behind these walls. I can recall a time where I felt prisoner to them, though for years I’ve only dreamed of somehow, even if just for once, finding my way back. Back to where everything seemed so simple. Yet here I am, alone and in a place I’d always wanted to return, and I was not at all enjoying myself. I walked at a brisk pace, mostly due to the unlit corridor making me feel uneasy, what with it being so dark out. A faint glow emanates from what I recall to be my grade 6 classroom. Mrs. Barcellieu taught our grade 6 class. She  was a nice lady, often bringing us healthy snacks like fruits and various cracker treats.


Though I can remember where I sat in this class, I hesitate to move.

I remain fixed at the door. There in the room, sat the man. But his presence wasn’t so much what brought me to a halt. I was puzzled, as the seat I recalled to be mine had a name on the front of it, which all of the desks did. However, my desk simply says “DAVID” with all sorts of drawings of cars and baseballs and all of my other childhood hobbies. Behind the desk with my name, Sergio, sat the man.


“Have a seat Dave.” he said.

I immediately take the seat I assume he had placed for me.


“What is this?” I ask puzzled, still fixed at his ever angering gaze.


“This is me, pleading to you again to just please let me go back Dave!” He snapped.


“I don’t understand. My name is Sergio and I’m not really sure why you keep calling me David” I returned.


“I don’t fucking believe this. You’re a ghost suffering amnesia in MY body?” He immediately replied. It was evident at this point, that I had really angered him. He stood up and briskly shuffled to the corner of the front desk. Mrs. Barcellieu always kept two things on her desk, a picture of her husband, as well as a mirror. When we were younger some often rumored she had once been a model and was fixed on her ever-aging appearance. Though most of the grade 8 students would get upset and try and explain that she simply wanted the most up to date photo of them as a happy couple, and due to his early passing, was left to do so in this way. That thought would always make me regret laughing at her agging.

Grabbing the mirror, he turned back to me, walking at a quick pace to show me my own reflection.


Take a look and see what you’ve done” He said as he held it up.

What I saw, I couldn’t believe.

I woke, sweating profusely and only seconds before my alarm went off for me to wake up and go to work. Though seeing myself, my 12 year old face, I remembered everything, even him.



Canadian Minimum Wage Increase

People often consider an increase at the “lower end” of the ladder, and its lack of immediate bounce-back to those streamlined upward, states that they are being made to be equal to people who have yet to or were not willing to, for whatever means, able to achieve whatever “career path” they had set out for. This seems ignorant, as for some, that was the career path they were given due to circumstances out of their control, or they may very well not want to do anything more. The fact remains, they need to survive and to do so and for you to keep getting service from “minimum wage employees,” you need to realize that they need to pay the bills and rent and get to work on time, clean and shaven. We’ll discuss this… 

I found the following quote on a Facebook thread recently. This argument has been repeated a few times as I’ve grown, and I’m shocked this one’s still going around. Right up there with the prospects of the flying car I’d say..


Minimum Wage FB quote


When I read this, I immediately started doing math and research on past increases. There are a series of things that I discovered, that remains to show not only do we not have evidence that there is no real need for peril in wage increases in the lower level income bracket, but that there is a positive bounce-back in the upper echelons as time wages on and the balance of supply and demand restores itself accordingly.

The monthly cost of living that the SiteCapture calculated for the most populated Canadian city (Toronto) was $2,557.80 monthly. That comes to $30,693.60 annually for a “comfortable lifestyle.” If we remove the “costs of living” and strictly include rent, no utilities or transportation or even food, the total annually for RENT comes to $17,961.
The supporting quotes are provided below to show that there are SLIGHT changes in the cost of rent if the tenant chose to live in or out of town. However, we must consider that if they are making minimum wage, transportation is not something feasible, thus someone making this low income, would aim to stay within relatively close distance to a workplace, to avoid costly commutes.
For readers that would like to do the matching math on the city of Vancouver, average rent quote is also provided.

rent vancouver out of city rent 2 rent vancouver in city+rent. intreguing.. read on

Currently, the annual average of an individual working minimum wage is roughly $22,880. This means that annually, someone currently working at a minimum wage rate, can not afford a “comfortable” lifestyle, as is described by Numbeo, and is in reality left with $4,919 annually to spend on food, clothing, fuel, insurance, household necessities and all other amenities. That leaves them with $409.91 per month, before utilities and aforementioned details. This is not at all possible, and is the reason that the proposed increase is being sought quicker rather than later, the numbers have become “real” now.


In 1991, a 10% increase on the minimum wage was implemented. The cost and demand suffered briefly, however the adjustments were made in time and people in all fields were balanced with much effort. During a study conducted at this time, it was “found that a 10% increase in the minimum wage decreased the absolute teenage employment by 0.6% with no effect on the young adult unemployment rates.” This leaves us to understand that there is no real fear of the job market being forced to stop hiring or let go employees. Though it is true that there will be some full-time to part-time implementations, these are mandatory to restore a balance in income to overhead of a company. This happens regularly, and is usually a temporary solution to bookkeeping, more than a lack of care for lack of education or desire to further a career path outside of said employment.

When a minimum wage increase has occurred in the past there has always been a balance throughout other industries as there is a need to keep employees. Though some may stray to higher paying, “less-work” typed jobs, they will find that the transition is temporary and within a five-year period, re-adjusts and will leave them well below the salary line they may have gained themselves as there is smaller increases for time with minimum wage employers, than that of salary employers. Also to be noted, is that a minimum wage employee rarely works more than 35 hours per week at best, the previous evaluations are all based off of a full-time, 40 hour work week minimum wage schedule, which employers are generally not seeking. This results in an even greater need to fight for higher wages in these industries to still meet the bills of full-time residence in a home!

The originating post frustrates me, as it implies that a medic, who in Toronto would currently make an annual salary of $52,000 would be “better off” working a non-stress job at $28,000 annually gross if working for 40 hours weekly at $15/hr. The ignorance is further insulting when he notes that a coffee would come to $13.48.
This then implies that inflation would have gone disproportionate in astronomical percentiles to wage increase as a result of the “new minimum wage”. This implies that currently, at $10.25, you could get an XL for $2.05 leaving you with $8.45, however if we were to raise the minimum wage by $5, we would be forced to charge $13.48, meaning after an hours pay, should you have chosen to buy a COFFEE, you would be left with $1.42.
By my calculation, the salary comes to an hourly rate of $27.08/hr as a medic, leaving you with much more even without a pay increase, which we know can not realistically be a reality when an employer is seeking competent employees to his opening.


Annually, the proposition is to have minimum wage set to roughly a gross amount of $28,800, prior to income taxes and other deductions. This remains well under the major cities “comfortable lifestyle” requirements, where most minimum wage employees seek to start out a career, yet we argue that this will lead to major issues in the upper echelons of employment. We live in a society that is grateful for work being available as there is major under and unemployment, however we don’t want those that are unable to have their education paid for, to be able to make a wage that allows them to seek further education, or even bother to let them save for school.
Time has shown us over and over that the wages increase in all industries as time allows for more money to flow freely though the hands of those that can’t control impulses and make the world go round, and I find it completely ignorant, illogical and fucking down right stupid that we should suggest that $28,800 be a “too high” amount for someone that is meant to be paying their bills and not asking for “handouts” from those that “worked to be where they are”.


Get it together, you’re Canadians eh! 😉

~new post coming soon~

I will be releasing a post regarding the minimum wage “argument” in Canada, focusing primarily on the minimum wage being brought to a 15$/hr. minimum and the repercussions and misconceptions surrounding the matter within the next 24 hours.


If anyone would like to input or provide quotes, we are accepting so at:

Feminist logic.

Feminists often make short little rants and comments, allowing them to hide behind the veil of shortness, allowing the statement to remain true and make some kind of sense. But once in while, very seldom, a feminist will post a rant that shows how the “patriarchy” is more of a comedic skit, than a reality in the 21st Century.

Below, we will go over a quick Breakdown of a feminist rant on her personal Facebook status. Due to the privacy policies, and this being shared private page, we will only have the post and not the persons name. Let’s Put em’ On Blast!

Feminist logic.

“Dear Men, you really need to stop saying “not all men”.”
Seeing as you’ve chosen to introduce the post to the entire gender, that obviously makes this partially directed at me, thus I can easily put you at ease by saying that I don’t use such sentences. Not because I wouldn’t argue the fact that not all people are the same as one another, but because I don’t speak to people who are so simple-minded regarding such controversial topics, as they tend to become very defensive.

“You need to carry that guilt for your gender”
No one should have to carry the guilt for an entire populous. It’s absurd to request someone do so, and will never actually happen. Asking someone to take responsibility for such a high global percentage of people would never happen.

“in the same way I carry white guilt over the continued racism still rampant in our country.”
Why are you carrying guilt for something that you yourself aren’t doing, what causes your guilt? I’m just unclear as to why you feel to need to fight so many battles, is it that you feel that you are missing something in life by not having felt any great perils? I’m just not really sure as to why you would want to be the center of so many fights that don’t involve you or your family in any way.. you should concentrate on educating yourself, may I suggest ‘social studies?’

“You carry it because ALL WOMEN live in fear of assault.”
I’ve known several hundred women in my life. I am not a ‘player’ nor have I ever been a big ‘ladies man,’ however I know that they never lived in fear of myself, or men that were these types. The reality is, if you have a positive upbringing, chances are that you will be respectful of those around you and that your kids will mirror such behaviors and patterns, leading to your proposed ‘euphoric society’.

“You carry it because women wake up in the night screaming out help because their subconscious needs to know they could if they needed to.”
Studies show that women that wake and scream in the middle of the night, are suffering of a PTSD style disorder, that was brought on by a great trauma of their past. I’m not discrediting that there are women that suffer from trauma and want nothing more than repayment for the pain they suffer from. The women that are ‘supporting’ them or aggressively empathizing with them, are simply just seeking to fight as a warrior of Social Justice. This does not really help the cause of the actually pained women. Most of which would easily claim that the actions of the Justice Warriors does not help whatsoever.

“You carry that “burden” because it is so much easier than living in the fear ALL WOMEN have lived with.”
Have lived, or live with? Furthermore, it is still absurd to ask such a mass populous to be accountable to each individual action by the parties within the gender. Also, as earlier stated, this is not the “burden of ALL WOMEN.”

“So shut your privileged trap and stand with women,”
In the same sentence, you would like the men to be insulted, and yet join your cause simultaneously. Insanity. However, we still have no real reason to think that the ‘male population’ is privileged, and no one should stand with this cause.

“instead of shutting down their fear of you in an instance by defending your thoroughly pampered gender,”
I support the idea of men shutting away the fear of women. Show them that we are nothing to fear. Pamper your daughter, hold them when they need you and help your wives in their times of need. Do not push away any resistance, instead, invite it in and welcome their ability to help you in yours. We should be pampered, as should you. We should pamper one another, if we seek to be in a relationship that is successful, we must make one another feel ‘special,’ if you will. Otherwise the relationship will not last, and will not ever allow happiness for you.

“stand alongside them and say, “I hear you and I’m sorry for my gender and any fear they have caused.””
I am not willing to stand along side attention seekers, if you’re speaking of the hurt women, then I would be more than willing to stand by their side. The right way, not like this. You’re forcing yourself upon them worse than the man that scared them in the first place. They aren’t in the ‘speaker’s chair,’ and when they are, you will force them away claiming that you’re ‘more right’ somehow. Also, I would never apologize or take accountability for something so disgusting! I would never consider doing such a disgusting action, and though I’m immensely sorry that some women have suffered such peril, I personally would never be the one taking accountability, as I assume no one ever would had they not commit a crime.

“I get it, you’ve had the world handed to you on a gleaming platter”
In what way is the world handed to men on “gleaming platter”‘s?

“and apologizing for every action or inaction wasn’t forced on your gender,”
I am certainly unaware that this has ever been asked of a woman before, however I am positive that you’re asking it of men in this long rant you seem to be on.

“but the next time a male says “not all men” to me.”
You’ll assume that he’s part of the great majority of men that are amazing fathers, sons and friends to hundreds of women everywhere, that would defend you in any way and would prevent you harm if he saw you in a moment of peril? That he’s one of the harmless ‘few’ you claim exist?

“You’re going to get the whole and righteous fury of a pissed off Papa Mel.”
I note that you’re being very feminist-oriented in your rant, yet you’re identifying with a ‘male’ pseudonym? I’m just unsure why you’re going to be violent and ‘fearsome’ towards them, and that you’re going to bully them into preemptively not bullying you? This does not seem to work properly.

“So watch your words very goddamn carefully, I have no room for your male privilege.””
I would honestly suggest that any male friends in her social circle just takes their leave and never speak to this moron again, she will eventually learn that this is a very harmful way of thinking and will lead to a very sad end of life, alone and without many others surrounding them.

1 more day

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Sorry for the inconvenience and we hope to return to regular programming within the next 24 hours!

Thank you again for your patience!
POB Administrator.

Religious view game be strong..?

The article is pulled from a Vice documentary on the Westboro Baptist Church, a North-American religious cult.

I don’t want to express dislike or an impression that I’m favoring either argument, though as I go through the Breakdown and Put em’ on Blast, you’ll clearly see that religious followers are overly passionate and bluntly defensive when challenged by someone who does not share their views or beliefs.. Isn’t it easier just to let it go?
(Yes, I’m aware that the content I’m reviewing is rather old, however my article still rings true!)

Religions vs. Atheist


Didi Ony. 6 months ago
“This is very wrong God loves everyone, that doesn’t mean it is okay to be gay.”
According to the New Testament, but not your beloved Pope.. lol
I like that you’re willing to adhere to this part of Leviticus, but you chose to ignore the part about stoning people due to it’s Draconian context right?
If your God loves “everyone,” then you should have someone let him know not to be a selective Bigot to those you claim that this character “created.”
“It isn’t. a true Christian is holy and sinless, and acts like Jesus Christ, hence the name Christian.”
That’s not the definition of Christian. This is not how the majority of Christian’s self-define their religion. Also, if you figure out how to be be exactly and unequivocally identical to a fictional character, let me know.. I’ve always wanted to try being Scooby Doo for a day.
“This is why I don’t believe in religion, because religion is not of God I go only by the Word of God.”
You’ve never needed to “Repent” then correct? Because you’re sinless and you’re the one true Moe.
“Repent for the time is at hand Christ is coming very soon, please be prepared!”
How does one “prepare” for a Rapture? Should I have packed my umbrella, or perhaps an ax?
Richard Klein 4 months ago
“Right on DiDi , amen”
You’re encouraging this? It’s Bigotry.. why would you want to publicly associate to such things?
MisterProdigy89 4 months ago 
+Didi Ony. He’s been coming soon for over 2000 years. Can you be a little more specific than “soon”?”
This guy gets it.. Over 2000 years, much longer than any believer has been alive, he has been “coming”. When George W. said that the troops were going to be out of Iraq “soon,” “Americans were in an uproar and instantly belief in the President dwindled away.. Yet the “son of Christ” has a few dozen “followers” re-tweet some “quotes” that fit the current agenda, and you’re a life-long believer. Not to mention the fact that teaching someone that a higher power is looming over them from a very young age, to the extent that they then believe it and share it to their children for generations is called Brainwashing. If it wasn’t a “mainstream” ideology, it would be barbaric.
Richard Klein 4 months ago

You have no clue..

Meet @TheQuinnspiracy , she claims to be an activist in women’s rights and supports groups/people such as @FemFreq / Anita Sarkeesian.
Often, I read about someone online that I find bigoted, misguided or just out right foolish, but choose not to say or do much about it. Recently, I’ve discovered a “new wave” type of feminist. They are portraying the facade that the goal of all feminist movements, as well as all women is to be “anti-male” and ensuring to become the hierarchy.

It seems somewhat ludicrous to suggest that there is a patriarchy in today’s society. That the “messogonist” agenda is in full-force and there to specifically “oppress” you, or even that you suffer from hundreds of threats to your life that are viable, daily. Yet she does. I’m well aware that people will often threaten your life @Quinn, but quite honestly, if you do what I’m doing right now, and what you do daily, by commenting on things that had nothing to do with you and opening sealing wounds, you’re in fact inviting a certain few to make their rash decisions and say things that the average populace feels would be absurd to even suggest. I’m not saying that you’re “inciting” the violence directed upon you, I simply imply that if you speak openly about something, you should expect people to disagree passionately.
Besides, if someone is foolish enough to send you messages that they are coming to rape or murder you, the odds are that they just simply can’t afford it. If they could afford it, and then chose to kill you, then you would die for your cause.. the one that you’re promoting so strongly, the one you claim is worth any lives in the way. Not insinuating that this would be a good result of the “movement” you stand for, but you would stand to create tons of exposure in your favor. Though, anyone that is supporting or a member of GG would never actually do anything of the sorts, even if they were predators as you claim daily, because that would just make your “side” seem to hold solid ground.

The reality is that you’ve started an explosive fight with strangers online. It’s what you did after that I find insane. You align yourself with people that are alleged to be supporting pedophiles, you tell people that you support women’s rights, but then insult any woman that does not align her views to yours instead of hearing their argument and taking it into account when claiming to represent “all women” and you even claim that all white men are privileged misogynists from birth. Your claims and actions are more absurd than anything you claim of your “opposition,” yet you have the nerve to tag events that are hosting panels about harassment and ethics, and complain about what you feel is best, and publicly trying to flaunt your sense of entitlement when you’re not provided an answer in what you feel is a “prompt” manner.

You should really be embarrassed. Your gang of online bullies are being just like PC Principal and it’s getting old real fast… I honestly don’t think that you guys remember what you’re fighting about.
GG is an outlet for Ethics in Gaming, yet you’ve branded them to the press as some gang of youths online, linked with men who are assassins and clearly deviants of every kind.


I’m sure that you’re getting all sorts of messages, but you’re speaking of a topic that was, at the time, generating a ton of controversy, and you’ve repeatedly demanded the center of attention. You say you’re not “just rolling over,” yet getting more involved is simply leading others to laugh and carry forth more vague insults, that you’ll surely then take to some news outlet or forward on your page in order to support the real agenda you guys seem to be focused on. Wait, what is that again? I’m pretty sure you all have forgotten what this is all about at this point. Are you trying to make more woman centered games that are “girl gamer friendly”? (Portal) Or shut down panels discussing ethics? It’s just really unclear why you feel “oppressed”… Is someone preventing you from going to work, vote, wear whatever clothing you wish or even sleep with whomever you desire?
Clearly, you’re not prevented of anything, no no, you ma’am are part of the ones preventing the progression of forward thinking movements, creating a negative image for what real Feminism is (not this cake and eat it too shit,) and attempting to “oppress” anyone that disagrees with you.

@TheQuinnspiracy , get over yourself and be a little more open-minded and the world may seem less “out to get you”.. or just admit that what you seek is a bit of drama, because you never really wanted junior high to end, where you peaked..clearly.

*NOTE: I purposefully wrote and edited this PRIOR to reading a backdated article/web page for a future project.
I’m glad I’ve done so, as would have changed my perception to a bias due to the blame-shifting that’s clearly visible in the texts between the two.
I did not see any of the content of that site prior to 16 seconds of this being published

I do not support any form of social-justice towards Zoe, nor do I condone anyone publicly shaming her for the content of my blog. I do not mean any disrespect or offense to the supporters of Quinn, nor do I suggest that my views should be taken to form a bias. This is an opinion article and nothing more.
Furthermore, it has been brought to my attention that I should note here as well, that I am in no way a member of Gamer Gate at this time, nor am I in contact with any members on a personal basis, thus my views are by a “civilian” watching the ongoing misinformation being shared, and finally am reaching out to express the views that I am sure many of us not involved, and even most that are, share regarding this individual.

[ would like to express that any and all views shared by the author are that of the authors. This is an opinion piece, and should any misinformation have been shown as “factual”, we encourage you to reach out to and we will be sure to remove, edit or annotate the required text.] We also suggest that anyone reading opinion based articles, should follow up and do their own research to form their own opinion, should you find that you are not on the “same side” and would like equal exposure on this site, e-mail submissions to and an administrator will reach out and contact you regarding the article.

In what world is this okay?!?

Rarely will I discuss something such as this, as I feel that any contact or connection to it, just fosters negativity and promotes longevity in the matter. However, when I got through the first line, I had to stop and wonder, “in what country are such foul, disgusting and maniacal thoughts allowed to be voiced and written publicly?” because it’s my understanding that free speech is only allotted if it does not promote violence or harm and is not impeding on the lives of others. This is disgusting, regardless of your reasoning. I’ll also add that the person you’re saying these things to, is not some big famous person with tons of support, it’s a suffering teen who’s just trying to live out her passion! Dick.

The person in question is responding to a series of messages to the “followers” of a young girls Twitter account. She is openly discussing her passage through recovery, after contemplating and attempting her own suicide. In the posts, the young girl is visibly upset by online attacks (real ones), and is simply trying to escape the level of outward hatred currently directed at her. The girl speaks of no longer wanting to be suicidal and is seeking help actively and is just trying to reach out for support. Though she chose to do as most teens do and seek such help online, which is often toxic.
Just as in every other case such as this, the blogger has decided to put a personal attack rant on her page, suggesting that the youth should have followed through to prove she had not simply been seeking attention. Disgusting. So now this, we’ll do a Breakdown and Put em’ on Blast for it, and with any luck, this will be relayed back to the “blogger” and she can choke on it too! (but actually, please contact someone if you need help. this site and it’s administrators would like to extend that all posts are personal opinions and we do not suggest, condone or promote any form of self-harm or suicide, regardless how foul you may be!)

We will not be addressing grammar in this article, as there is too much real content to address!


Why would this be okay.

“I hope you fucking die”
There are so many things wrong with saying this to someone. This can’t even be explained away as a joke. I can’t even contemplate actually wishing someone such tragedy to their families, let alone expressing it!

“Like, seriously.”
Just in case we were thinking “this person can not be serious right now?!?”, you’ve assured us that you’re a complete idiot and a criminal, as this is online bullying and you’ve chosen to associate the post to your public status.

“This attentionwhoring is getting really fucking old.”
If you don’t know someone personally, how would you possibly know if they’re seeking attention or if they’re truly in a state of such crisis. Should you find that the content of the person’s page is repetitive and negative, you have the right to walk away, no need for you to belittle the situation.

A youth artist posting about her struggle with depression is surely not an “oppressor.” I’ve visited her public profiles, and she does not “oppress” anyone. As for the rest of your statement here, it doesn’t even deserve to be reviewed, you’re bashing someone based off of your own interpretation of the situation as well as claiming that someone recovering from attempted suicide does not need support. Let’s pretend that she was seeking attention, what she needs is support and to be told otherwise, so that she can move past it. Telling her to do it, would only incite her to do so and is still wrong.

“do you not know what white privilege is fucking responsible for?”
“cultural affirmations of one’s own worth; presumed greater social status; and freedom to move, buy, work, play, and speak freely.” – this is the definition, you should have read this prior to asking the question.
White privilege is subject to the area you live in, you’re assuming that a teen girl should be up to date with global race privileges? That’s absolutely absurd!

“You’re the reason blacks are being gunned down in the streets.”
Now you’re stating that a teen girl is responsible for gang crimes and violence against an entire race in general? We have to note that you’re also white, does this mean that you are responsible for this as well?

“You’re the reason we didn’t see a a black president until FUCKING 2008.”
You’re fishing for things to blame her for. I’m not sure if blaming her for decades and centuries of hatred towards the black population as well as the vote for presidency is supposed to incite her to want to carry out an act of suicide, but it doesn’t seem relevant to her life or her decisions, thus a moot point. She’s not even old enough to vote.

“And AS FUCKING SOON as PoC and LGBTQ communities are represented positively you have to come and turn each and every one of those characters into fucking racial caricatures straight out of the 1920s.”
The two aren’t related. The action of depicting animated characters gender-bending and in different color, shows her diversity and her ability to look past the generic ideas that were released to the public. Her decision to do so has no bearing on the LGBTQ or PoC community and does not demean them, but instead gives them a different view of their own “hero”. Racial caricatures in the 1920’s were designed to demean various races. The pictures she drew, were just how she would have imagined the art if she could be given the chance to redraw the artwork. You’re welcome to do the same if you wish.

“Honestly, you deserve to die. Your art is fucking shit too.”
You’ve expressed your disgusting wishes, you don’t need to further make yourself seem foolish at this point. Her art is actually rather nice, and I’ve linked it for my readers to see at the end of the article. You’re the bigot here, not her.’z%20art